Apple Watch charger stand

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Triangle Watch stand

When you buy an expensive and beautiful watch, you must immediately take care of its proper and careful storage and safety. To do this, we created our wooden stand, which allows the watch to be in the correct position, the strap to keep its shape, and the dial glass not to be scratched. 

Our watch stand is a stylish accessory and an excellent addition to the unusual design of any room. It is suitable for both modern smartwatches, such as Apple Watch and regular models with a steel or leather strap.


🔘 Handcrafted from solid wood

🔘 Careful watch storage and safety

🔘 Cork scratch protection on the bottom

🔘 Custom engraving 

The watch stand is made by hand in Kyiv from solid oak or walnut, on the client's choice. The product is presented in three variants of the form: a circle (cylinder), a hexagon and a triangle. The height of the stand is 6,8 cm / 2.7’’, and the diameter is 10cm / 3.9’’

The surface of the wooden product is coated twice with OSMO oil, which helps to protect the wood from the negative effects of the environment and guarantees the durability of its use. So that the stand does not slip and scratch the surface on which it stands, its bottom is glued with a thin cork tree.

Time is the main value in our life and it is always not enough for the most important things. You can customize the stand with engraving and make a symbolic gift to a loved one, demonstrating how valuable the time he devotes to you is.

Customer Reviews

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I wanted a charger that matched the Apple Watch Ultra's cutting-edge design. This item is of exceptional build quality and It fits my needs well. I highly recommend this charger as it exceeds my expectation.


My hubs absolutely loved it! Thank you so much! This seller was wonderful to work with!

Todd Alvord

I love this charger stand! Would glady buy from this brand again!

Ryan Burnett

This Apple Watch charging stand is absolutely amazing.

The bottom of the stand is held by magnets and is removable, allowing you to run the Apple Watch Charger cable through the stand. There is a small magnet that holds the end of the Apple Watch Charger perfectly in place. Extremely easy to setup.

The charging stand works perfectly and fast charges our Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra at the full five watts. It also looks awesome.

I spent a lot of time going through all of the available Apple Watch charging stands here and on other sites, tried several, and this is by far the best Apple Watch charging stand available. You won’t be disappointed.