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3 in 1 charging dock will allow you to collect all your apple devices in one desktop organizer.

Set of magnetic blocks 3 in 1 made of natural walnut or ash will become an original table organizer for your apple devices. Upgrade this set with interchangeable modules on magnets, which you can place as you want and create a configuration that suits you. Assemble the entire set or use the magnetic blocks piece by piece, now you can use only the features you need most. The blocks connect in seconds, so you can assemble and disassemble several times a day. By the way, you can use each block individually and create your own configurations of "magnetic islands". Not enough functionality - buy another one and expand your "island".

Each of the 3 in 1 charging dock is handcrafted in natural walnut or natural ash. We offer 3 colors:
- Dark Walnut,
- Light Ash.
Each of the colors looks very original and will match any design of your office desk or nightstand. Choose the one you like the most!

You can choose the magnetic blocks you need from the 3 in 1 charging dock set and also complement it with other tray and holder models at your discretion:
1. wireless charging station for iPhone (Magsafe),
2. wireless charging station for Apple Watch,
3. Cable charging station for Apple Airpods (any version) (cables not included),
4. Pen tray,
5. Star-shaped phone holder,
6. Tray for small items,
7. Plant pot.

The 3 in 1 charging dock kit consists of blocks for Apple devices numbered 1, 2, 3.
Charge your devices all together, separate the magnetic blocks, complete with other blocks - you decide how the organizer will look like today. It's a desk organizer for your office desk or a place for overnight charging on your bedside table. Each charging module has a removable bottom panel that allows you to insert your original apple cables. Cables are not included, sorry about that. Our business is wood =).

We have also provided additional useful blocks for your 3 in 1 charging dock. They greatly expand the functionality and can be used as separate standalone units. The star-shaped block is ideal for storing your phone or as a business card holder. A pen set will collect all your pens and pencils. Tray for paper clips and flash drives is just a useful tray =)

Main features of magnetic wood blocks:
- Each module in the 3 in 1 charging dock set has magnets built in, so you can create the perfect shape of organizer to suit your needs,
- Cork pads on the bottom of the modules will keep them from sliding on your desk,
- Natural walnut or ash, coated with special oil for durability,
- Handmade magnetic blocks made by our craftsman from Kiev, Ukraine
(Do not worry, delivery works regularly),
- Each module measures 4.3*4.8 inches.

Ordering Features .
1. Choose how many modules from the set you need:
2. Choose the type of wood: Walnut, Light Ash.

The whole set costs less than each module individually, also you can take the same blocks as you want.

We are Ukraine-based 🇺🇦 brand with workshop in Kyiv and warehouses in US.

Production time 2-3 business days

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