About us

We are thehrdwood

And we're here to Inspire people to Organize their space with durable & natural items reducing clutter to reach flow and Happiness.

Our mission 

Inspire better ways to organize space

Use business as a force for happiness.

Help Ukraine 🇺🇦 and our crew flourish.


The old sweater

There’s a silly story: you record a video with your commitment to become cool in five years, and then you play it after a while, and boom — you are wearing the same old sweater. Many would be upset.

But we think that an old sweater is cool, and if it has served for so long, it is a quality thing that is filled with love and has its own history.

Our biggest fear is to end up in the room with junk (former nursery) with Amazon purchases that turned out useless and unnecessary. 

That’s why we aspire to create long-lasting, timeless products from natural materials. It may not be the best business strategy, but we cannot do it any other way.

We are just waiting for your grandchild to ask you, “Let’s cook it just like Grandma did, how it’s written on this board.”

Do not grab the mushroom 

Experienced mushroom pickers know what they want to find, and they don’t grab the first thing they see in the forest. Once I was watching an old man with a long gray beard pick mushrooms in the Carpathians, how he was listening to the forest, enthralled, and shuffling his feet.

He advised me not to go for the nearest mushroom I saw, but instead wait for real luck to strike — a cep. 

This is the philosophy we try to apply in our production, constantly looking for better ways to make our products and listening to our clients and their needs in our quest to find our cep.

We strive to use only natural materials, such as leather, wood, felt, metal, instead of substituting artificial ones like plastic, polymers, etc. 


Timshel (thou mayest) is a Hebrew word that means that “you are free to do something” — or “not to do” it. This word gives you a choice and means that all paths are open to you, and your decisions depend on you. 

Over these ten years, we remain quite far from the corporate world, building our own formula of happiness. In the midst of ups and downs, we constantly seek something new. But we do it without investors breathing down our necks, remaining free in our choice.

Choose to Be Great Instead of Big

When we reached a certain annual turnover, which business coaches would call an intermediate success of the company, we had no idea about business metrics, organizational structures, or other EBITDA.

We just brought our ideas to life, gave emotions to people, received feedback, and realized that we were doing an important job. We produce cool things and this process gives us real pleasure.

Of course, we are learning to optimize processes and improve process management to give you better quality and a fair price. But our main metrics still remain:

the number of "explosions" of laughter per employee per day
the number of tears of joy of your loved ones when you gave them personalized gifts

Do we want it to be different? Most certainly not.

Kill the dragon.

Unfortunately, our world is imperfect, and Ukrainians are well aware of this.
But when we launch products, we know exactly what we are up against.

When it was a wooden bow tie, this dragon was boring office ties at weddings,

when we make a recipe cutting board, we are opposed by a modern but cold kitchen without warm family memories, or a one-day item from Walmart that quickly closes the gift issue.

Now our focus is on making products that organize the workspace, and we are facing a three-headed dragon: chaos, creative disorder, and entropy. It's a strong opponent - but we have to slay the dragon;)