About Us

We are Thehrdwood, a family-owned and Ukraine-based 🇺🇦 brand, created by a family duo - Artem and Maryna 

It all started when Artem got the idea to engrave his Granny's favorite recipe for meatballs, and give it to her for Xmas. Oh, his grandmother is quite the Iron lady.

But here is the kicker... This is the only gift he had ever given his granny that caused her to cry! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. She was really overwhelmed to see her handwritten recipes on the board!

He realized that this was it! Engraving a recipe on a cutting board is the perfect way to preserve the memory and create a family treasure. It is an excellent gift to those we love most.
And here we go! We have been creating these heartwarming personal gifts for 5 years and have already collected 2 gallons of tears of joy, and if we put all the recipes together, the cookbook would be as tall as a house.

Create your own history — it will be a hit at the family reunion! Our creative process is built around the idea of a cozy home. We believe each piece of home décor should be like a puzzle element – once you find it, you know it is what has been missing all this time! That is how special we want our product to be and this is why we handcraft every single cutting board with love and care.


All products created by our craftsmen at a time when the sirens warning of enemy aircraft and missiles have not yet subsided, and the cozy streets of Kyiv leading to the workshop are fenced with anti-tank urchins. But our people are working hard to save the country from the aggressor. Everyone in his own workplace. This is courage. Be Brave as Ukraine.