About Us

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You would be hard-pressed to find a material as multipurpose and popular, capable of full-on transformation, as wood: it can be light and dark, smooth and coarse, malleable and stiff. Wooden accessories are elegant and sophisticated, emphasizing the style of their owner, but they also work as captivating statement pieces.

Our brand was established in 2014 out of love for wood, a noble and ecological material, and respect for handicraft - for its complexity and painstakingness capable to transform the matter, creating masterpieces.
All of our products are created by hand in US using a variety of wood species, including exotic ones.

We have been building our expertise over 4 years, always remaining true to ourselves and attentive to detail. We are now proud to be a part of our community and be able to provide you with a range of beautiful wooden watches that you will fall in love with, as well as support you throughout your shopping journey!