Triple laptop holder

Its design ensures the stability of the device, and it is suitable for all generations of MacBooks and other laptops up to 18 mm (0.7'') wide.

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3 Slot Laptop stand for desk: A Must-Have Accessory for Designers, Gamers, and Professionals

Are you tired of clutter on your desk? Do you want to optimize space while working on your laptop? Laptop stand for desk is what you need. It not only provides stability to your device but also adds elegance to your workspace.

Optimize Desk Space
Significant benefit of using a Multiple Laptop Holder for Desk is that it helps optimize desk space. With the stand, you can lift your laptop off the desk, freeing up valuable desk space. You can also use the space below the stand to store other items, such as a keyboard, mouse, or paperwork.

Stylish Accessory
A solid laptop stand is not only practical but also adds style to your workspace. It is a unique accessory that complements your interior design.

Felt Inner Surface
To protect your laptop from scratches, the inner surface of the macbook pro stand is covered with felt. The felt ensures that your laptop is safe and secure while on the stand.

OSMO Oil Coating
The surface of the 3 macbook stand is coated twice with OSMO oil, which protects the wood from the negative effects of the environment and guarantees the durability of its use. The coating gives the laptop dock a noble silky-matte finish and makes it smooth to the touch.

Cork Bottom
To prevent the multiple laptop stand from slipping and scratching the surface on which it stands, its bottom is glued with a thin cork tree. The cork also helps absorb shock and protects your laptop from damage if the stand is accidentally knocked over.

Personalized and Gift-Wrapped
The multiple laptop dock comes with gift felt pouch, making it an ideal gift for your friend.

▪️ Fits tablets, e-books & all generations of MacBooks and other laptops up to 19mm wide. / 0.75'' thickness

▪️ Reduces device clutter
▪️ Sophisticated design
▪️ Handcrafted of solid wood
▪️ Sturdy and stable
▪️ Cork scratch protection on the bottom
▪️ Covered with felt to protect the surface of the laptop
▪️ Branded case
▪️ Custom engraving and ready to gift


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Space-saving design

Thoughtful design of the vertical stand, which allows to free up valuable desk space and keep your laptop elevated and in view.

Sturdy construction

Holder is heavy enough, stable, and capable of supporting even larger laptops.


Easy to use it with different laptop models and even other devices like tablets or e-readers.

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