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Ergonomic laptop stand for desk

Our laptop stand macbook is crafted from solid oak or walnut, on the client's choice, and is suitable for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a laptop. Cooling stand for laptop is designed for a more ergonomic palm placement while working, which takes the strain off your wrists and makes the process more comfortable.

In addition, the Laptop stand provides a 10-degree angle for lifting the laptop, which reduces the load on the cervical vertebrae and allows you to keep your head straight. In just half an hour of work in this position, you can already feel the difference and the benefits. Same as your laptop, due to the angle of elevation, it will be able to cool.

Features Ergonomic laptop stand for desk
🔘  Sleek and minimalist design
🔘  Handcrafted of solid wood
🔘 10-degree angle for lifting the laptop
🔘  Perfect for home office & remote work

Best laptop stand macbook is made by hand in Kyiv.
Cooling stand for laptop represents two solid wood stands:

3,8 cm / 1.5’’ wide,

21 cm / 8.25’’ long and 6,6 cm / 2.6’’ high,

making it suitable for devices of almost any size.

The surface of the Laptop cooling stand is coated twice with OSMO oil, which helps to protect the wood from the negative effects of the environment and guarantees the durability of its use. So that the laptop stand does not slip and scratch the surface on which it is placed, its bottom is glued with a thin cork tree.

As a pleasant addition, the Ergonomic laptop stand for desk comes with a linen bag with a leather tag, thanks to which you can carry it with you everywhere and don’t be concerned about the safety of the product, since it is protected by natural fabric.

Moreover, you can customize your laptop stand macbook with engraving to your taste. This immediately turns an accessory into a unique one that reflects your tastes and preferences, and if desired, becomes a memorable gift, not only functional but also symbolic.

We are Ukraine-based 🇺🇦 brand with workshop in Kyiv and warehouses in US.

Production time 2-3 business days

Shipping time to US 5-7 days and Rest of World - 14-21 days

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