Recipe Cutting Board 🥬

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🔘 Probably, in every family, there is a recipe that passes on through generations. One that causes certain associations, generates desire to renew it perfectly and pass on to grandchildren 😉
How often do we lose this kind of recipes? Secret ingredients, written on paper, lost in history and memory.

🔘 Especially for such cases, we came up with a sophisticated and original gift — an engraving of handwritten recipes made on cutting board. Your favorite family recipe can be recreated on the wooden board. Lets honestly say that this is an extremely exclusive work because we accurately reproduce the handwriting of a person 😉

🔘 This is a great way to preserve family traditions, decorate the interior and make a memorable gift, with subtle emotional color!


🔘 Handcrafted and eco-friendly 🍃

🔘 High quality Oak / Walnut / Cherry 🪵

🔘 Covered twice with OSMO oil to last long.

🔘 A personal, sentimental keepsake, this is it!

🔘 The engraving is very well done and clear.

🔘 Memorable gift to those who mean so much to you

🔘 It will be a hit at the family reunion!

🔘 We pack all orders with the utmost care and love ❤️

Customer Reviews

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Marjorie Feinberg
Love this!

I bought a recipe cutting board for a 42 yr old nephew who lives in another state, with a recipe of mine. He called me Christmas morning to tell me that was the “single most special, thoughtful gift he has ever gotten”. He LOVED it! I knew he would like it, but i never expected his response!💕💕

Erin O
Makes a great gift

I got a cutting board for my mom for mother's day. It had her mother's recipe in her handwriting, and she LOVED it! Thank you Artem for your response to my email and the great work. I definitely would purchase one again!

Christy Costanzo
Engraved Chopping Board

This is my second purchase from them and it’s just as beautiful as the first! Thank you so much for turning a beloved family recipe into something we can keep and display forever!

Susie Martin

We absolutely loved it!!

Stephanie M.
Amazing and beautiful!

I purchased the large, cherry cutting board for my mom's 75th bday. I used my grandma's handwritten pie dough recipe we've been carrying around for over 25 years. We have lost the recipe once or twice and had family-wide panic attacks about it so I thought this would be an amazing way to honor her life and memory since we recently lost her. This will become a family heirloom for generations to come and we couldn't be more pleased with how beautiful it turned out. The customer service is amazing as well. I reached out for tracking information and Artem emailed me back personally with not only an update, but a picture of my purchase. He was so responsive to all my questions. I highly recommend this company and their products. It warms my heart that the company is Ukraine-based, as well. My thoughts, prayers, and support are with them all.
Thank you!