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✨ We know how to surprise your loved ones!

🦈 Shark-Cuterie - is memorable gift for any occasion

We are a small family studio Thehrdwood, that produces Charcuterie board with wonderful wooden gifts for your friends and loved ones.
Shark-Cuterie boards Personalized is not only a memorable gift, but also a very practical thing for evening gatherings.

Minimalist, elegant design will be a beautiful addition to your decor and the perfect gift for Housewarming, Realtor Closing, Real Estate Closing Gifts for new owners.

🔥 We have really great experience in working with unique wood species!

We process high-quality wood ourselves, prepare each individual Wine and Cheese board for laser engraving of the desired design and coat it with two layers of special wood oil.

🦈 Shark-Cuterie Boards Personalized:
🔘 High Quality Oak / Walnut 🪵
🔘 Quality engraving.
🔘 Handmade and sustainable 🍃
🔘 We pack all orders with the utmost care and love ❤️

✅ You get a gift made with heart and care by the hands of our craftsmen.
Our work is our favorite thing to do, and our customers are our happiest people!

❓Do you have any questions about ordering a 🦈 Shark-Cuterie Board?
Write to us and whoever receives your gift will be the happiest person in the world!

You get an item made with soul and care from a small family studio where everyone works for pleasure and fills every with good energy!
Choose Thehrdwood 💪🪵❤️

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Pascal Schwere
Perfect, love it

Its planed as a present for a Girl that loves the sea and animals they live there, she will love it for sure